Contact Brisbane Pawnbrokers Website can be contacted easily by email at any time, note that as this is not a primary business website, we only manage this website in our spare time, hence any responses may be delayed anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on our primary employment demands.

You can contact us if your business is listed and your interest rates have changed, if you would prefer to be removed from the website, or if you need your business details updated.

For customers of pawnbrokers within Brisbane, you can email us if you wish to let us know of a pawnbroker we have no listed on our website before, or email us to leave a review for a specific business you have already dealt with. Note that if leaving a review, we require that you have dealt with this business in a transaction in the past, and can send us a copy of the receipt / pledge note that you received when your loan has been repaid in full.

When sending us your note, it is important that you make a copy of the original and write across the copied version with the text "SAMPLE ONLY" and also black out any of your personal details, such as address, phone number, bank details, credit card information, or any other sensitive information. This is for your own safety and protection.

We can then use the interest rates quoted on your receipt / pledge to advertise that pawnbroker on your website, or update an existing pawnbrokers prices, along with allowing you to leave a review for the company on your loan process, to assist others planning to deal with this company themselves.

Note that any receipt / pledge samples you send us will not be published online, this will be used to verify you are a legitimate customer of the business only, and to gather interest rate details.

To contact us, please send your emails to the address below: